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Taylor and Connor’s spring wedding at The Vine at New Ulm was an all around family focused event to remember. Consisting of gorgeous earth-tone wedding party attire, surrounded by the perfect amount of wedding white florals! Taylor and Connor got our month-of coordination package, and while I wish I could have walked with them through the whole journey, I was so thankful that we got to be involved during the final stretch toward their happily ever after. 



The Vine has some of the best cottages for you and your wedding party to hang out and get all pretty. Some of my favorite pictures to look through are the getting ready images. They show pure joy as everyone prepares to celebrate the couple. My favorite moments are always those involving the couples parents, so I try and make time for images for the bride getting ready with mom. Thankfully, we had more than enough time for some sweet moments on the back porch with Taylor and her mom, as well as one of the sweetest first looks with her dad (enjoy the pictures...I sure did!). 

We also got to fit in some sweet time with Taylor’s bridesmaids! One of the big things Taylor wanted was a moment before all the crazy started for she and her bridesmaids to pray together. You can also peek behind the door and see Taylor and Connor’s sweet little boy joining in on the prayer time. The biggest thing I desire for my clients is that they have enough time on their day to enjoy the smallest of moments. After all, you chose your wedding party because they’re the ones you want by your side on your special day!

We can’t just focus on the girls though, because this group of groomsmen was particularly special. They had the very best time together, and were some of the most interesting group to hang around. Groomsmen are always the most entertaining part of the day, because they really don’t care what’s happening, they’re just there to celebrate their boy and have a great time doing it. I so appreciate how they just go where they need to be, and focus on making everyone around them as happy as they are! This group in particular did just that all the way through to the reception (more on that later…). 

Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Ready || The Vine at New Ulm || Austin Planner
Bride and Mom Getting Ready | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Wedding Planner
Bridesmaids Praying Over Bride | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Wedding Planner
Mom and Bride Getting Ready | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Planner
Groom and His Men | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Wedding Planner


Okay first, I have to talk about how much I adored Taylor’s altar decorations!! They were perfectly understated, and instead of taking away from the special moment of the ceremony, they just perfectly added to it. I also have to take a moment to sing praises to her amazing florist ( Petals by Design ) for making Taylor’s dream come to life! Make sure to check out the great work that she does. She is definitely someone you want involved in your wedding day!

Second, the wedding party -- I know I already gushed about the groomsmen, but the whole party was amazing! You could tell that they were there for the bride and groom, to make their day as special as possible. I also have to mention the rockstar flower girl and ring bearer. Those kids made my day. I love kids, and personally think that they are the best part of the wedding party. Mainly because they’re so darn cute, but also because they bring such life to the group!! I may also be partial to these two because of how connected the little flower girl and I were (pictured…). I also loved our ring bearer, because no matter how slow the flower girl was walking, he stuck with her until the very end. 

Pampas Grass Ceremony Scene | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Planner
Pampas Grass Scene | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Wedding Planner
Bride and Groom Ceremony | The Vine | Austin Planner
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer || The Vine at New Ulm || Austin Planner
Flower Girl peaking around corner | The Vine at New Ulm | EPOCH Co+ | Austin Planner
New Mr and Mrs with son | The Vine | Austin Wedding Planner

The Party

Oh so many things to mention about this reception, but we’ll start with the decorations. Taylor’s choice of white florals with dusty blue napkins made the upscale rustic charm of The Vine pop in just the right way. Everything down to her cake was perfectly sleek! Well everything except for our Grooms Cake ( which you can read more about in our blog on Groom’s Cake Inspiration ), and even that was perfectly crafted! 

The designs were just the beginning of this awesome reception. Once we got through the “formal” part of the evening, the party really got started! Every single person got their time on the dance floor, including wedding party, ring bearer, parents and especially our bride and groom. I already told y’all how energetic our groomsmen were, but here is some photographic proof. They had an absolute blast out on that floor, and somewhat undressing sure did liven up that dance floor twice as much!!

We ended the night with a favorite, a sparkler exit!! But before our bride and groom could leave, Connor decided that he needed to change out of his suit. So he danced their private last dance in his camo button down and jeans...and I absolutely loved it! He and his beautiful new wife were sent off toward their new life together as 100% themselves!!

Grooms Cake | Poker Table | Austin Planner
Brides Classic Cake | Sinfully Sweet Cake Design | Austin Planner
Floating Candle Centerpieces | The Vine at New Ulm | Epoch Co+ | Wedding Planner
Head Table Setting | Napkin Place Settings | Austin Wedding Planner
Time to Party | The Vine at New Ulm | Austin Wedding Planner
Groomsmen Party | Epoch Co+ | Austin Wedding Planner
Bridesmaid Party Fun | Epoch Co+ | Wedding Planner
Partying Groom | The Vine | Epoch Co+ | Austin Wedding Planner

So here’s to the new Mr. and Mrs. Collins. I wish them the very happiest, love filled life!!

From your vendor team who loves you dearly: