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While the wedding cake is arguably the most anticipated aspect of any given wedding, the groom’s cake is where the couple gets to be really creative. Your typical wedding cake is sleek, layered and covered in classic colors. There’s never been a ‘typical’ groom’s cake, and that is something we absolutely love about each new wedding! 


We always hope that the groom has ideas that he wants incorporated into the wedding. After all, it’s his special day too! More often than not though, he lets the bride make all the big decisions. However, he always knows just what he wants for his cake. This is one of the places he gets to show off his favorite pastimes/hobbies. While some have a difficult time deciding on just the right design, most couples agree on the perfect design almost immediately!

photograph:  Theo Graphics

photograph: Theo Graphics

Drew is the ultimate Astros fan, so when the Astros won the World Series just months before Drew and Amelia got married, it was the perfect opportunity to show tribute to the number 1 team in the nation! While a lot of times the groom’s cake has crazy fun colors, this particular cake went right along with the classic colors of their special day. It also happened to be so delicious!

Mr. Connor Collin’s Poker cake has to be one of my favorites to date. While the main wedding cake was a gorgeous classic white with gold trim and insane blooms all over, Connor went with one of the best created cakes. The way the cards looked perfectly bent and thrown across the ‘table’ like someone just lost the perfect hand. And those poker about a surprise as I took a big bite out of what I thought was going to be fondant and it turned out to be pure CHOCOLATE! {insert heart eyes here}

Now this cake was something beyond special, in oh so many ways. First, our groom was obviously an officer. His Back the Blue cake showcasing his number was set in front of his Back the Blue flag for the ultimate groom’s cake. Not only did this cake look amazing, but it tasted SO good! The baker (Best Little Cake Shop) made 3 thick chocolate chip cookie cakes, tiered with icing between layers. Talk about gaining five pounds just from looking at a cake. Cameron’s cake was jam packed with the most creative ingredients. I will definitely be recommending that to future grooms who aren’t big cake fans.

photograph:  Wink by JS   cake: Cakes by Nadene

photograph: Wink by JS

cake: Cakes by Nadene

Okay I think this one speaks for itself. This groom’s cake counterpart was a jaw dropping black and gold five layer cake. But to have that as your wedding cake, you have to have a seriously insane groom’s cake. I think Jessica and Dustin succeeded, don’t you? One look at this cake and you almost feel like you can pull that bottle of Dom Perignon out of its box and pour it in those two glasses sitting in front of it. (p.s. who else noticed the cute tuxedo dressed strawberries?)

Last but not least, this beauty. Okay so it wasn’t actually a groom’s cake, but I feel like it belongs here for some serious inspiration. Believe me I know there are plenty of people who don’t love cake, so I feel like they should have plenty of options of delicious ‘cake’ replacements. For instance this Tiered Cheesecake beauty! Y’all, not only did it look good, but it tasted so amazing too!! And yes I realize I have said that for all the cakes, but cheesecake is my personal favorite, so this particular choice was right up my alley!!