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Elise and Hunter’s spring wedding, full of personalized details, had me rethinking what season is my favorite wedding season! As soon as I met with our couple to start their Month-Of Coordination, I knew this was going to be a day that I dearly enjoyed. While it was a rainy spring day, every detail from the vendor team to the table decor, assured that all guests would experience a bright and amazing day. By the time our newest Mr. + Mrs. and their guests arrived at The Springs in Katy TX, the rainy dreary-ness of the day had disappeared!


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I have said it before, and I don’t mind saying it again -- the wedding party members are the ones who can make or break the wedding. And goodness did this group make the wedding!! They were truly there to just enjoy each others company and celebrate the bride and groom in every possible way [ which shows in the pictures coming up ]. Our groomsmen were dead set on making all of us laugh and enjoy ourselves no matter what. While they were ALL over the place, but the good kind of all over where they were just back and forth making everyone smile. While most groomsmen are difficult to hold in one place, these guys were all together the entire time we needed them, and then if one stepped away for a second, he came straight back [I know that sounds like such a simple thing, but seriously walking around trying to wrangle wedding party members in the most time consuming part of my evening!!].

As for the ladies, in general bridesmaids are the calmer of the group at any given wedding, but it’s nice when you have a group of ladies who are just as fun as the guys! One of our bridesmaids was right at 9 months pregnant, and she was still out there dancing for as long as she could [ but also guys, I made sure to know exactly where she was the entire evening cause I just KNEW she was gonna give birth during that reception! ]. Each one of those bridesmaids was ready to hop in and hype up the party at a moments notice, and I cannot say enough good things about them!!

Y’all, I can’t put enough emphasis on how essential your wedding party is!! These are the people who are going to walk through the entire wedding planning process with you, and be by your side the ENTIRE day of your wedding. Whether you’re the type who wants only 2-3 bridesmaids, or the type that wants 10, just make sure that each of them is going to ADD to the experience of the day -- not cause drama and pull attention away from you and your sweetheart!

Last note on the wedding party and I’ll move on. I always make sure to talk with these guys and girls and remind them that they are the ones in charge of getting the other guests pumped up for the evening. If you don’t have wedding party members who are going to be out on the dance floor having fun, then your guests are not going to feel drawn to the dance floor either. Which is why I love it when our bridesmaids and groomsmen really get into the big introductions! Last time I’ll say it : this group ROCKED the whole evening and it would not have been near the success it was without them!

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Bride and Groomsmen || The Springs in Katy, TX || Houston Wedding Planner || Epoch Co+
Groomsmen Just Hanging Around || The Springs in Katy, TX || Houston Wedding Planner || Epoch Co+
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