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Hey y’all, welcome back to another Vendor Spotlight! This week’s spotlight is on Kristina Ross Photography, who is based out of College Station, Texas! While every aspect of your wedding is important, the photographers are especially important so that you can look back on your big day with beautiful images! From stunning detail images to incredible portraits of you and your S/O, Kristina Ross is sure to impress! Although she’s based out of College Station, she’s also previously shot weddings in Austin, Houston, and even as far as North Carolina. We have loved getting to know more about Kristina’s company including how she got into wedding photography, what makes her different from other photographers, and her favorite wedding trends!

How did you get into photography? How did you learn your way around a camera?

I’ve always loved looking at photographs of far off places and portraits of people in those places, and getting a disposable camera developed was one of my favorite things growing up. I suppose you could say I’ve always had an affinity for photography. I got my first “real” camera when I was 18 from a camera store in Austin and started a blog about my life. When I got married a couple of years later, I realized I really enjoyed looking at images of people’s weddings… not necessarily for the pretty details and what those days looked like, but because I loved seeing how a photographer captured such an incredible day in their lives. So, I learned everything about my camera in a few months by taking photos of anything and everything (aka my husband, friends, and my dogs), and never really looked back. Here we are nearly 8 years later!

What made you decide to specialize in wedding photography? Do you do any other photography?

I guess I was in the right season of life for wedding photography. I had just gotten married myself, so I knew a lot of what went into a wedding day, plus I had done extensive research into the wedding industry after realizing how much I loved wedding photography itself. I absolutely love what I do! Every single wedding day is a new experience. But, I adore landscape and cityscape photography. It keeps me sane when life gets a bit too hectic by letting me escape and just be by myself. I also photograph portraits for families, seniors, and businesses. 

What do you feel sets you apart from other photographers?

I really do enjoy making my sessions a super personal experience. I want my clients to leave their session feeling like they’ve made a new friend, and not just like they left a place where they had to show up and take some photos together. This helps when it comes to the wedding day because I don’t show up as just “the photographer” or just another vendor, I’m Kristina, someone they already have memories with.

What are three words you would use to describe your ideal client?

Kind, a bit silly, and super in love. (Sorry that’s more than three words!)

Favorite wedding to date?

Gosh, this is really hard. I’ve had so many awesome ones over the course of 6 years. I’d have to say, Kellie and Chuck’s wedding is one that immediately came to my mind. It was just the most perfect day with the sweetest people in the world. Plus, they had twinkly lights over their outdoor reception space. I’m a sucker for twinkly lights.

Any current wedding trends you are loving?

Bolder colors. 100%. I love pastels, but there is something about getting adventurous and playing with your color palette. It makes the day seem so vibrate and fun. 

Biggest wedding day challenge you have had to face?

I’ve had a couple of weddings where the timeline ran incredibly far behind. It’s tricky for us photographers because we have to balance being artists and capturing the day as it unfolds while creating beautiful images, and making sure we’re sticking to a schedule that occasionally doesn’t give us ample time to get the photos we need for our clients. Many times, other aspects of the day push into our time for photographs, and when we take longer to get to the reception or to a particular point in the day, we take the blunt of the blame and are rushed. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a part of the job that I’ve come to accept when it does happen and be a bit more assertive about when I see it becoming an issue earlier on in the day. 

3 Crucial tips you would love to share for future clients?

  • One: Hire a photographer who’s work you love, but also someone you feel comfortable around. It makes everything so much more fun for everyone!

  • Two: Don’t let the opinions of other’s get in the way of what you want for your wedding day. Seriously, this day is about you and your future spouse…not them. 

  • Three: Create time for you and your spouse to be alone together on your wedding day. Whether that be a “first look” and 5 minutes of alone time afterwards, or just some time before the reception begins. Make time to love on one another in a way that is genuine and that you will remember. The day is a crazy blur, don’t forget what matters most. 

3 tips for juggling being a mom-boss?

Ha, I’m still trying to figure it out. It’s harder some days. Some days I just want to focus on work, and others I just want to be a mom. If I had to pick three: 

  • Give yourself grace. 

  • Learn to let go of trying to be all the things for all the people. Focus on what matters most – Jesus, my family, and my clients. 

  • Rest when you need it. Your husband will thank you when you aren’t being a total grump because you’re exhausted.


  • Books – First and foremost, I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. Okay, we’ve gotten that out of the way. I also love fantasy fiction, historical dramas, and books that have a focus on molding you into a better person. 

  • Movies – Historical dramas. Hands down. 

  • Foods – Thai and good ‘ole Southern cooking. 

  • Place in the world - either bucket list or place you have been-  We want to know more about the "who" behind the business 

    1. My favorite place in the entire world would have to be Scotland. It’s a place I’ve been to before, but I’m constantly dreaming about the next trip we can take there (and looking up airplane tickets way too often, too!). There’s something magical about the land with it’s forests, mountains, and seascapes. The people are so kind and warmhearted, and while the food isn’t all that fantastic, sitting in a cozy pub on a cool summer evening is so wonderful. Both my husband and I have ties to Scotland through our heritage, and it’s a place that felt like home the moment we arrived.