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The Vendor Spotlights have continued! This time with the amazing Coreena’s Bridal. Coreena’s Bridal is an elegant boutique conveniently located in South College Station. Their diverse collection of designer gowns are carefully selected to provide a variety of looks suitable to many types of styles and venues. Whether you’re looking for something romantic, modern, classic, or sexy, we’ve got you covered! Above all, Coreena’s Bridal is constantly on the hunt for unique, eye-catching gowns to ensure our brides will stand out on their wedding day, wowing her guests with a truly unforgettable gown.

All Images //  Thomas Ross Photography

1. What made you decide to get into the wedding business?

  • My experience of looking for a wedding dress four years ago in a town that had very little to choose from. I craved a personalized and fun shopping experience and visited several boutiques in Dallas to be very disappointed by both selection and customer service. I ended up purchasing a gown from a boutique and completely redesigning it within their alterations department. The end result was a truly unique gown and it sparked a passion for designing. I went on to design gowns for close friends and family before deciding to open a boutique and put designing on hold. My husband and I saw a void in the market and a quicker way to get my name out there so that one day I can get back into designing.

    • [ Paige’s Notes — I can’t wait to see Coreena begin designing again. Y’all how amazing will it be in the near future when we get to see her designs all over the world and say that we know her!! ]

2. What is your favorite current wedding dress trend?

  • Tons of sparkle!! Many dresses come with an all over layer of sparkle tulle and it’s so eye-catching and fun.

    • [ Paige’s Notes — Can confirm that sparkles are AMAZING…they are the it factor right now. Having your dress shimmer in the lights on your wedding night will 10/10 make you feel like the queen you deserve to be! ]

3. What makes your business the number 1 choice for brides?

  • We have thought of everything when it comes to customer service and a personalized shopping experience. We’ve implemented technology and services that you cannot find at any other bridal shop in the country. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable of our products and well equipped to put our brides’ minds at ease during a potentially stressful process.

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4. What are three things you would recommend a bride to look out for when buying her dress?

  1. Bringing too many people can create confusion. Trust your gut and pay attention to your initial instinct when you put the gown on and you’re alone in the fitting room.

  2. Avoid falling into the traps of online “designer gowns.” These are more often than not, counterfeit gowns that look nothing like the picture and do not allow returns. Save your money and enjoy a personal and fun shopping experience!

  3. Going from store to store and trying on too many dresses can take the fun out of the process and cause you to doubt yourself. A great sign to know if it’s “the one” is when you don’t want to take it off. If you keep shopping, you’ll generally find yourself comparing everything to that first dress you loved.

5. If you had to describe your business's vibe in 3 words, what would they be?

  • Friendly, Upscale, and Memorable

    • [ Paige’s Notes — Okay I know there were only three words, but y’all I have to tell you just how true this is! The moment you walk into the store you are greeted with a friendly smile and a big hello! And then treated to an amazing day being loved on. High recommendations! ]

6. Where would you like to see your business grow in the coming years?

  • We’d love to be able to build locations in other cities/states! We are currently expanding our building to add more fitting rooms/viewing areas.

    • [ Paige’s Notes — so so so much yes! ]

7. Are there any ways you would like to see your gowns used that has not been done in the past or has not been done enough?

  • We’d love to put on more fashion shows! We’re thinking of hosting two shows a year.

    • [ y’all send us and Coreena’s messages on instagram if you really want to see more shows — i.e. if you want to see them in a certain location and what elements you would like to see included. We would love to work with Coreena’s Bridal to reach their goals! ]

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In case you can’t tell, we absolutely love working with Coreena on styled shoots when we get the chance, and especially love seeing our brides in her gowns! We got to work with Coreena’s before their storefront even opened last summer, and from then we knew that Coreena is an amazing person, with a huge passion for this industry, and especially for the women that go through her boutique! We are constantly impressed with Coreena’s vision for wedding fashion, for her company and for each person that walks through her door. We are overly excited that we had the chance to share some of her heart with you!

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