Common Questions


There is nothing we love more than a flawlessly curated event, brimming with enchantment and personalized touches epitomizing the couple and their sense of style.  Our mission is to streamline the planning process for an effortless and stress-free engagement season, leading up to the magical celebration where everlasting memories are created and captured.

Our goal is to help you each step of the way, giving each couple the love and attention you deserve. To assist you in creating a memorable epoch, infused with the smallest, personalized details. Ensuring your guests walk out with all the senses being stimulated, really evoking an emotional response that reflects the couple being celebrated. 

Real Talk - we aren't your run of the mill, cookie-cutter planner. We don't accept every inquiry that comes our way, no matter how big the budget because we want to ensure we are both a good fit for each other. You and your celebration are unique, and we want to tailor the planning experience and event to y'alls personal interests. Our team takes the time to have in-depth conversations to learn what makes y'all tick, what are you passionate about and how we can translate this into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. While we start off as your planners, we hope to end this chapter as friends.


You can see an overview of our packages and rates by clicking the button below:

  • On-site styling services, consultations or coaching can be booked at an hourly rate.

  • We have 4 tiers we offer our wedding clients.

    • Custom pricing is required for our top 2 tier packages, Complete Wedding Planning + Design, and Full Wedding Planning + Design Assistance.

    • This is due to various factors that go into the level of work provided for these packages, such as, guest counts, multicultural events, event location, multi-day events, guest list services, rehearsal dinner planning, brunch services, vendors retained vs. vendors outstanding, etc.

  • Please contact us for a quick 15 minute free consultation to discuss your event needs and see if we are a good fit for each other!

  • We typically recommend planning and coordination be around 10-15% of your overall wedding budget.

What areas do you service?

While we are based out of College Station, Texas, we are not bound by our city limits. We can easily service the Houston, Austin and DFW areas, and love to assist with Destination Weddings. Whether you love the great state of Texas but live afar, want to elope in the Valleys of Florence, on a yacht in the Caribbean, or have an intimate wedding amidst the Colorado Mountains - we are happy to go along for the adventure. We love a reason to travel and see the world together.

Places we have travelled personally and professionally - Italy, Greek Islands, Cuba, Thailand, St. John, Mexico, Virgin Gorda, Puerto Rico + most of our great states here in the good 'ole US.

Places we are itching to visit - Spain, Germany, France, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, name a few. 

What Payments do you accept?

We accept cash, checks or credit card payments. Our contracts and payments are digital for ease of use.

Why can't I just have a friend or relative do this?

It is extremely kind of a friend or family member to offer their services during your special celebration, however, we want all your friends and family to enjoy being guests, not working. There is a vast list of things planners and coordinators take care of, not only on the day of your event, but the month(s) leading up to your event. We pride ourselves on our seasoned experience, attention to detail and extensive list of contacts to ensure your event is seamless.

All our packages include logistics leading up to the event and on the day of the event. From working through contracts, scheduling vendors and timeline of events, floor plan design, telling vendors where to go, being on the phone answering deliveries and questions, ensuring vendors execute tasks in-line with their contracts, lining wedding party and VIP family up for processional, and queuing up friends and family for special moments (toasts, dances, etc.). 

We provide extensive checklists and notes to guide each vendor on the day of the event, and also ensure all teardown is completed in-line with your contracts and venue's exit time, so you and your loved ones can be whisked away at the end of the evening without worry. We work with you to ensure personalized details and decor are accounted for and returned after the celebration, and all gifts are securely packed away before the end of the event. 

What problems have you encountered with previous weddings?

Ideally, our clients not only book us, but our tried and true vendor referrals. However, with packages like our "Month of", clients have typically hired vendors outside of us - some of who we may not be familiar with or vendors who may not have a lot of wedding experience. Below are a few hiccups we have experienced along the way when working with vendors outside of our referrals:

We had a client's baker cancel last minute on their vast dessert and candy display. Without hesitation, we knew who to call and were able to ensure her vision was brought to life.

A bar service sent the alcohol to an event, however, forgot to remind their bartenders to show up. Our associates are TABC certified and were able to step-up and serve alcohol until their staff was able to arrive and complete their contract. 

A new venue had zero staff arrive the day of the event and had no one to assist with setting up tables and chairs. Our assistants were able to step up and put the schedule back on track.

One bride had her family member assemble all of her floral centerpieces. While the florals were stunning, the family member did not tape her floral foam down and had placed dry foam, in water. All the centerpieces were essentially floating, causing them to tumble out of their vases and fall apart. Using our extensive toolbox and talented team, we were able to recreate the centerpieces without anyone ever suspecting a thing. 

Photographers are a crucial part of the wedding day and ensuring an event stays on track. One photographer hired by our client was great at editorial and studio photography, but was not experienced specifically in weddings. Despite providing the photographer with an extensive shot list complete with names of crucial family members, his assistant was unsure how to help streamline post-ceremony photos for such a large amount of people. We were able to step-up, get the ball rolling and the wedding back on track for dinner, toasts and dancing. 

During the contract review phase of our planning process, we noticed the caterer had forgotten to add tea and water to the clients invoice. Another event, the caterer had not included bussing of tables in their list of services. We also had an event where the catering staff was not properly setting the tables - we were able to show them the correct place setting before guests arrived.

A photo-booth company arrived during vendor setups and had the incorrect backdrop, we were able to discretely solve this issue quickly before anyone entered the reception space.


We have an extensive list of vendors we love and trust across the state of Texas (and country!). Our Instagram easily reveals those we enjoy working closely with on a regular basis, however, part of hiring us includes our tried and true vendors. We also tailor our vendor referrals to the clients we book - whether you are the eclectic and moody client or the bold and colorful client, we have the right vendors just for you in various budget categories.

Vendor wanting to work with us? Let's meet for coffee! Email