Organic Garden Inspiration | EPOCH CO+ | College Station

Epoch Co+ has teamed up with Ten23 Photography and Urban Rubbish to bring you a series of inspirational photo shoots! Our Organic Garden wedding inspiration is one of Epoch Co's favorite designs. We hope you love it as much as we do!!

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Why do we do these mini-series?

  • Occasionally, we do a wedding with gorgeous florals and design elements, but the hired photographers forget to get quality images of the details we tirelessly helped the clients come up with to complete their vision for the day.

  • Then there are times where Jaelynn with Urban Rubbish gets some fun florals in and we come up with a design themed around the colors. Sometimes it's a flop and sometimes it's a win with super gorgeous designs that Robby with Ten23 always captures effortlessly!

  • Other times we see design elements being used in the same manner - milk glass for example - we consistently see it in vintage settings or bright or rustic florals - we decided to do a classic and organic spin using milk glass with timeless greens and whites.

  • But really, it is just fun! We like to keep our portfolios diverse, evolving and inspiring for others. These mini-sessions allow us to do just that!


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